The rate of violence against women in Australia is unacceptable. But in 2015 it feels like national momentum is building to do more on this important issue.

At 1800RESPECT, we know an important part of the solution lies in educating frontline workers about the role they can play in increasing the safety and support of women. Anyone that works with women – teachers, GPs, nurses, police, counsellors, emergency services, local government or community health workers, and many others – can make a difference by learning more.

That’s why in partnership with sexual assault, domestic and family violence experts, we created an easy to use online toolkit for frontline workers.

How you can help

Coinciding with this November’s 16 Days of Action, a global campaign to raise awareness about violence against women, 1800RESPECT¬†launched a toolkit for Australian frontline workers.

Throughout the 16 days, frontline workers can download the toolkit and receive information about the different ways they can educate themselves to support women experiencing gendered violence.

Find out more by visiting the website.