Our Team

Our Team


Debra Rabe, CEO

Debra Rabe is the ATDC CEO. Debra has come from a varied and exciting background. She has been running her own business, mainly case managing with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and conducting training and mediation for organisations.  She has also assisted not for profit organisations with funding submissions and governance issues.  Prior to that Debra worked with the Sexual Assault Support Service and the Royal Commission into Childhood Sexual Assault. She also spent 22 years in the Tasmanian Government with many achievements along with way.

Debra can be contacted on 03 6231 5002 or by email at ceo@atdc.org.au

Dr Jackie Hallam, Policy and Research Officer

Dr Jackie Hallam is the Policy and Research Officer in the ATDC and returned to the ATDC in January 2015, after eight years away spent raising a family and working as a consultant. Jackie has been employed in a variety of roles within the ATOD sector since 2000 such as a frontline worker, a researcher and workforce development roles.  She has frontline experience with five years as an NSP worker.  Jackie’s research included a Doctorate at the University of Tasmania that examined harm reduction policy in relation to illicit drugs in Australia from 1980 to 2000.  Jackie has also held sector capacity roles including Clinical Supervision Officer with the ATDC in 2006/7.  This combination of roles means that Jackie has a 360 degree view of the ATOD sector. Jackie has worked in Government, non-government organisations and with UTAS. Jackie previously held the role of ATDC’s Workforce Development Officer but moved to this role in May 2016.

Jackie can be contacted on 03 6231 5002 or by email at policy@atdc.org.au

Olivia Montgomery, Sector Capacity Building Project Officer

Olivia Montgomery originally joined the ATDC in August 2014 as the Promotion Prevention and Early Intervention (PPEI) Project Officer and moved into the role of Sector Capacity Building Project Officer in July 2015. After a short stint away in 2016, Olivia re-joined the team in January 2017. Olivia came to the ATDC after a decade of working with the Department of Justice. She is a graduate of the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Law and a Graduate Certificate of Legal Practice.

Olivia can be contacted on 03 6231 5002 or by email at scbp@atdc.org.au

Nick Merklin, AOD Sector Analyst

Nick Merklin holds undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in Psychology, and was previously a volunteer counsellor for drug, alcohol and relationship related issues. Nick comes from a research consultancy background, having worked in Melbourne for the last 6 years in senior management positions, and more recently in Hobart. Nick has experience in developing, managing and running large scale research projects in a range of areas including social, service delivery, workplace management and customer satisfaction.

Nick can be contacted on 03 6231 5002 or by email at wfd@atdc.org.au

Dr Madelyn Derrick, Facilitating Collaboration with Neighbourhood Houses Project Officer

Dr Madelyn Derrick has been involved in the alcohol and other drug sector since 2008 and is a registered Clinical Psychologist.

Madelyn completed a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours at the University of Tasmania in 2007 and completed a Doctorate of Psychology (Clinical) at the University of Tasmania, in 2013. Her Honours research investigated the effects of ecstasy and cannabis on executive function. Her Doctoral research investigated the effects of diazepam on driving capacity.

Madelyn has worked in private practice where she provided treatment to individuals with substance use issues and a wide range of mental health issues and facilitated a group program for complex trauma treatment.

In the AOD sector, Madelyn provided group and individual treatment for substance use issues in a residential rehabilitation facility and worked on a project aimed at integrating mental health assessment and treatment into an existing alcohol and other drug program.  Madelyn also works at UTAS on a project investigating the use of a mobile phone application in recovery from substance use issues and will present on this at the ATDC 2016 Conference.

Madelyn can be contacted on 03 6231 5002 or by email at fcln@atdc.org.au

Communications Officer

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Administrative Assistant

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