ATDC part of national voice for increased investment into AOD treatment services

the ATDC is an active member of the National Alcohol and other Drug Network.

In the lead up to the Federal Election, the ATDC has been involved in national discussions regarding the national investment required for AOD services across the country, including Tasmania.

St Vincents Health has been leading this work, and yesterday submitted the attached Federal Pre-Budget Submission to the Australian Government. The ATDC’s logo is included in the document, alongside a number of other key alcohol and other drug organisations who were involved in the development of the submission.

The submission is attached and for those liking the fast facts, the request is for:

An additional $1.2 billion per year – with a focus on three priorities:

  1. Improve the size and focus of investment in the alcohol and other drugs treatment sector — That the Australian Government and state and territory governments commit to funding alcohol and other drugs treatment that is, like it does for other health programs:
    > based on needs-based population planning
    > through implementation of the Drug and Alcohol Services Planning Model (DASPM)
    > cognisant of relevant national and state frameworks to ensure that investment in treatment is targeted
    > delivered in those areas and to those groups of people that need it most.
  2. Establish a new national Alcohol and Drugs Executive Agency — That the Australian Government with state and territory governments establish an independent national Alcohol and Other Drugs Executive Agency to:
    > lead system reform
    > implement initiatives to end stigma and discrimination
    > improve accountability of governments at all levels and that of service providers
    > oversee service improvement strategies.
  3.  Invest in service and workforce capability — That the Australian Government, with state and territory governments create and contribute to an Alcohol and Other Drugs Treatment Sector Capability Fund. This would address immediate needs, prior to the full implementation of the DASPM, by:
    > investing in service improvement and evaluation > expanding the specialist alcohol and other drugs treatment workforce and capital works to improve the physical infrastructure of services
    > including a focus on further developing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce and the development of a peer workforce


If you would like to read the full Reform of the alcohol and other drugs treatment sector Pre-Budget Submission 2019-2020, you can do so by downloading the document HERE.