Sector Capacity Building Project

ATDC Sector Capacity Building Project (SCBP)

The SCBP is funded through the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing’s Substance Misuse Service Delivery Grants Fund with the primary objective being to support services across Tasmania to build capacity and to effectively identify and treat coinciding mental illness and substance misuse.

The SCBP has four main objectives:

  1. Continued development of strategic partnerships and linkages across the ATOD and related sectors
  2. Continued service improvement across the ATOD and related sectors
  3. Provision of workforce development and capacity building across ATOD and related sectors
  4. Dissemination of targeted and relevant information and resources to the ATOD and related sectors

If you would like to know more about the SCBP project or get involved in any of the activities associated with this project, please contact the Sector Capacity Building Project Officer or 03 6231 5002.

ATDC Bus Tours

The ATDC have been coordinating annual cross sector bus tours in each region in the state since October 2012.

The aim of the bus tours is to improve the knowledge base of the workers participating in the tour and therefore increase the level of collaboration and coordination in the care of clients experiencing complex issues. This is achieved by:

  • Increasing formal and informal relationships and networking between workers across the agencies and sectors
  • Improving the understanding of the strengths and constraints of other local AOD and MH organisations
  • Increasing workers understanding of the diversity of issues experienced by those experiencing comorbid issues
  • Building on frontline worker’s knowledge, confidence and skills in making targeted, effective referrals
  • Building and maintaining interagency treatment pathways
  • Providing an opportunity for the host services to share information about their service

The 2016 ATDC bus tours ran during early March. 2016-01-21_SCBP_EVENT_Bus Tours


If you would like to be involved in future bus tours as either a participant or host service, please contact the Sector Capacity Building Project Officer by email or 03 6231 5002.


Biennial ATDC Comorbidity Symposium

ATDC SymposiumThe ATDC has hosted a biennial one day comorbidity symposium since 2010 with the aim of providing the opportunity for the ATOD and related sectors to come together and talk about working with co-existing mental illness and substance misuse issues.

The one day events have been attended by a large number of workers from the sector and have involved presentations form a variety of local, national and international experts in the area.

Peaks Capacity Building Network

The Peaks Capacity Building Network (PCBN) forms part of the ongoing collaboration between the Australian State and Territory ATOD peak organisations (or equivalent), who have been funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health to build the capacity of their members.

The PCBN meets fortnightly via teleconference with the aim of facilitating collaboration and provides the opportunity to share knowledge and information between the Peak bodies on an ongoing basis. The network act as a forum to discuss issues and provide input into the future directions, funding and activities of capacity building actions in the community drug and alcohol sector.

The intended aims of the PCBN are to:

  • Respond to opportunities where collaboration adds value to national capacity building activity
  • Support relevant program and operational interest between the peaks
  • Forster innovation and unique solutions to national capacity building activity
  • Contribute to maintaining a long terms relationship between the peaks.

The organisations involved in the network are:

  • Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Association, ACT
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Council of Tasmania
  • Alcohol and other Drugs Association, NT (ADANT)
  • Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (NSW)
  • Queensland Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies
  • South Australian Network of Drug and Alcohol Services
  • Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association
  • Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies

The group meet via teleconference on a fortnightly basis and face-to-face twice yearly.

For more information on the Peak Capacity Building Network (PCBN) please contact the Sector Capacity Building Project Officer by email or 03 6231 5002