Policy Development

The policy development function within the ATDC supports the organisation’s core roles of leadership, sector support, advocacy and representation.

As part of policy development role the ATDC:

  • Sources and disseminates information, reports, resources and evidence-based research;
  • Gathers and analyses data;
  • Compiles policy and position statements;
  • Develops funding submissions and proposals on behalf of the ATDC and the ATOD sector;
  • Builds and maintains relationships with government departments, funding bodies, specialist organisations, research bodies, other peaks, and educational institutions;
  • Consults with members and stakeholders to inform policy and strategic priorities;
  • Advocates on behalf of the alcohol, tobacco and other drugs sector to ensure that the views, needs and expectations of organisations and consumers is reflected to others, and
  • Represents the sector on key committees and forums.

To find out more about the ATDC’s policy development work please contact Jackie Hallam, Policy and Research Officer by email policy@atdc.org.au or telephone 03 6231 5002.