DHHS Funded Community Sector Outcomes Purchasing Framework

The Community Sector Relations Unit (CSRU) within the Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services has led the development of the DHHS Funded Community Sector Outcomes Purchasing Framework. The Framework is consistent with national and international directions in health and community service delivery where there is an increasing focus on monitoring and measuring client and population level outcomes.


A working group of representatives from across DHHS and from the Community Sector Peaks Network contributed to the development of the Framework. During the developmental stage the Department held a number of consultative workshops to obtain feedback and test the model by developing examples of “commissioning for outcomes” statements against current funding programs. The workshops involved Departmental Program managers, funding agreement managers and representatives from across the community sector. Essentially “commissioning for outcomes” statements tell the story of the types of client and population outcomes that funded programs and services are trying to achieve. The statements include a number of indicators that enable services and funders to assess what results are being achieved for clients and the Tasmanian community alike.


This article will be the first in a series about the Outcomes Purchasing Framework and upcoming topics will provide information about the implementation process across all DHHS funded community sector organisations and within the alcohol, tobacco and other drugs sector. The Department has provided a commitment to the funded community services sector that implementation will be a staged, longer-term process, that will be led by the relevant DHHS program area, depending on their readiness and respective Funding Agreement renegotiation timeframes.


To date the CSRU has issued two updates about the Framework explaining the background to the project and outlining its purpose. Copies of the Updates are located on the ATDC website together with a copy of the finalised Framework and a summary overview.


View the available documents by clicking on the following links. Please note that these documents are in PDF format and you will require the Adobe Acrobat PDF reader or similar to view the files.


DHHS Funded Community Sector Outcomes Purchasing Framework


DHHS Outcomes Purchasing Framework – Overview


Community Sector Communique (January 2014)


DHHS Community Sector Update (March 2014)