DRINK THING – Alcohol and You

DRINK THING is the culmination of collaboration between the Department of Health and Human Services led by the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Directorate with assistance from DHHS Communications, the Departments of Education and Police, Fire and Emergency Management, the Alcohol and Drug Services and the Drug Education Network through the cross-agency steering committee.  A range of stakeholders, including young people were consulted to ensure that the content and features of DRINK THING are current, and most of all relevant to young people.

DRINK THING is for young people, their friends, parents, schools and other professionals, to assist them to learn more about the harms associated with alcohol use. It contains safer drinking tips if young people choose to drink and specific information pages for parents, schools and health professionals working with young people.  It also provides information on support services and a contact/referral page direct to the State Alcohol and Drug Services from the Get Help page.

Please check out DRINK THING by visiting and using it with your clients. For more information or to obtain a poster or fact sheet please contact the Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Directorate by emailing and putting Drink Thing in the subject heading.