Holyoake Tasmania Inc. (Holyoake) is a non-profit organisation, which offers a range of group or individual counselling programs for people affected by their own or another’s addictive behaviour or substance misuse.


Holyoake was founded in 1975 in Western Australia when a small group of alcohol and drug dependent people were concerned about the quality and quantity of help available to individuals and their families with problems related to alcohol, drugs, gambling and other addictive behaviour. Holyoake has operated in Tasmania since 1988.


Holyoake is a non-profit community based organisation.


Holyoake is not affiliated with any religious, political or commercial organisation.


All Holyoake programs are based on a harm minimisation model.


Contact Us: Holyoake Tasmania, 127 Davey Street, Hobart TAS 7000
Phone: 03 6224 1777
Fax: 03 6223 1476