Membership is the foundation stone of the ATDC.

As a key component of the ATDC’s Constitution, membership contributes to the peak body and representative  nature of the ATDC and creates a unified voice for the sector.

Nature of Membership

In accordance with the ATDC constitution there are two classes of membership.

Full Membership for:

  • representatives of non-government, not-for-profit organisations that are able to demonstrate an interest in and involvement with the prevention and reduction of harms associated with alcohol or other drug use;
  • past or present consumers of alcohol, tobacco or other drug services in Tasmania;
  • other individuals committed to and able to contribute to the purpose and objects of the ATDC; and
  • life members, who are individuals acknowledged by Council to have rendered outstanding service to Council and/or the ATOD sector over a long period of time.

Associate Membership is open to nominated representatives of State and Commonwealth agencies and other for-profit or not-for-profit groups that have an interest in the provision of alcohol, tobacco and other drug services.

Benefits and Obligations of Membership

3.11.3  Rights of Members and subscribers:

Member Associate Member
Receive due notice of, attend, and speak at all general meetings of members.
Move motions at general meetings of members.
Vote on all matters before general meetings of members
Appoint a proxy to exercise a vote on their behalf at general meetings of members.
Nominate for election to the Board of Directors.
Vote in elections for the Board of Directors.
Receive timely and accurate information about the activities of ATDC
Receive timely and accurate information about developments in the Tasmanian and national ATOD sectors.
With other members, petition for the convening of a special general meeting of members.
Appeal, at a general meeting of members, a disciplinary decision taken by the Board.


3.11.4  Obligations of members and subscribers:

Member Associate Member
Adhere to the Constitution and its provisions.
Support the objects of ATDC.
Act in ways that do not damage the reputation of ATDC.
Attend general meetings of members and other ATDC meetings where the ideas and expertise of members/subscribers are valued.
Take all reasonable steps to be informed prior to exercising rights to vote on matters impacting on ATDC.
Respect the rights of other members.
Respect privacy and confidentiality in all matters arising from contacts with other members, and with paid and volunteer staff working with ATDC.

4.1       The members of the Council shall have no liability to contribute towards the payment of debts and liabilities of the Council or the costs, charges and expenses of the winding up of the Council except to the amount of any unpaid membership fees.

Membership Applications

Applications for membership of the ATDC are encouraged and include a process of evaluation following the submission of an application.

If you would like more information regarding membership, please contact the ATDC by emailing or phoning on 03 6231 5002.

The following documents are provided for your information regarding membership of the ATDC.