Review of the Liquor Licensing Act 1990

The Department of Treasury and Finance has released a discussion paper in association with a review of the Liquor Licensing Act 1990.  Please visit the Treasury Website to view the discussion paper and process for submission.  The ATDC will be providing a submission on behalf of our members. To view the ATDC response to the Legislative…

Child Aware Supervision

Free online training for supervisors in strategies that promote child and family-sensitive practices in their service.

‘Family Focus’ intervention

Free online training designed for mental health professionals treating parents with depression and/or anxiety to foster resilience in their children and the family unit

Strategic Plan Report 2012

Each year the ATDC Board provides a report to the membership on progress against the Strategic Plan.  To download a copy of the report follow the link below.

CYS Continuum of Care Consultation

In 2012 the Minister for Children requested that the Department of Health and Human Services initiate the Continuum of Care project; the Minister also requested a supplementary project be completed by the Commissioner for Children in conjunction with this project, titled „Alternatives to Secure Detention for Youth in Tasmania‟. It is envisaged that this supplementary…

Federal Election 2013

Independent Andrew Wilkie and the Greens Party responded to the ATDC letter requesting advice on their alcohol and drug policy.  Follow the link to read the responses.  It is extremely disappointing to have received nothing from either of the two major parties.  What does this silence mean for the future of alcohol and drug policy in Tasmania?

Commissioner for Children – Report

Findings from the Inquiry into Alternatives to Secure Detention for Youth in Tasmania have been released.  To read the report follow the link below. Alternatives-to-Secure-Youth-Detention-FINAL-2013