Seriously Smashed: A web based resource for youth workers

atdc_logo_white_sqTitle: Seriously Smashed: A web based resource for youth workers


Date: 2013_08_22


Start Time: 09:00

End Time: 12:30


Location: South

Location: Burnie


Who:  All who work with young people with alcohol abuse issues is a resource developed by the Glenorchy City Council, with funding from the National Binge Drinking Strategy,  to educate young people about the harms of binge drinking and promote a change in this damaging culture.


Why attend?                 

  • Learn more about best practice and the existing research about education of young people in respect of alcohol
  • Increase your awareness of all aspects of the resource
  • Develop a range of best practice approaches to using components of the resource in your work with young people
  • Increase your capacity to work with young people to increase their awareness of choice and consequence


About the trainer

Geoff Munro is the National Policy Manager at the Australian Drug Foundation. He has worked in the alcohol and other drug field for over 25 years specialising in drug training, drug prevention and community development.  His publications include over 20 papers in peer reviewed journals, three book chapters, including one in the latest edition of Drug Use in Australian Society, and he co-edited Drug Education in Schools: Searching for the silver bullet. Geoff has a major interest in cultural change as it applies to alcohol, including the policy and social changes that are required to help young people avoid the risk of alcohol related problems and harms.


The mission of the Australian Drug Foundation is Working together to prevent alcohol and other drug problems in Communities.


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