ATDC Board

ATDC Board

The ATDC is governed by an elected board consisting of twelve members, with the President elected directly by the membership. Two of the board positions are reserved for consumer members and to ensure adequate regional representation from across Tasmania at least one board member is to be drawn from each of the North, North-West and South of the state.

To support good governance the following two sub-committees have been established by the board:

  • Finance, Audit and Risk Sub-Committee; and
  • Governance Sub-Committee.

Stephen Brown, Treasurer

Stephen Brown is CEO of Launceston City Mission Inc. Prior to this he worked in vocational training, public accounting, consulting and as CEO of a WA-based mutual health insurance fund. He is Chairman of Health Recruitment Plus, Deputy Chairman of B&E Personal Banking and a Director of Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies Ltd. Stephen is married to Barbara and they have two children, both now married. He lives in Launceston.

Grant Herring, Committee Member

Grant Herring is the Tasmania Division Manager for The Salvation Army Alcohol, Other Drugs and Corrections stream. Grant’s appointment was made in December, 2008 following ten years as manager at one of the highest achieving offices of Employment Plus; The Salvation Army’s employment service agency contracted to the Commonwealth’s ‘Job Network’. A taste for community sector engagement was strengthened for Grant while working with the Beacon Foundation, delivering the nationally recognised No Dole program into schools and encouraging the building of community capacity. He has also worked as Executive Officer for the Tasmanian State Schools Parents and Friends Associations providing for cooperative policy development with the Department of Education, training and development for school councils and advocacy for students and their carers.

Sarah Charlton

Sarah Charlton R.N.,R.M., B.Sc. Sarah has a diverse history in senior clinical and executive roles in both public and private acute   hospital settings. After 10 years as General Manager of North West Private and then St Helen’s Private Hospitals, Sarah accepted the position of CEO at Holyoake, where she has utilised her extensive marketing experience to exponentially expand client services. Sarah has been an ATDC Board member since 2008.

Ros Atkinson

Ros is the CEO of Youth, Family and Community Connections.

Qualifications and Skills: Bachelor of Laws, Diploma in Management, governance, strategic planning, human resources, marketing.

Experience: 14 years in community sector.

Shirleyann Varney

Shirleyann is the chief executive officer of the Drug Education Network and has been involved in the community services sector, both in Scotland (UK) and Australia since 2005. Shirleyann is committed to the ongoing development of educational initiatives to empower individuals, families and their wider community to understand alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, harms associated with misuse of all drugs and addiction.  She is passionate about the development and promotion of health promotion, prevention and early intervention resources and education, with a particular interest in tackling discrimination and stigma associated with drug use.


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