Three year funding agreements announced

ATDC members receiving Tasmanian Government funding through the Tasmanian Health Service to deliver alcohol and other drug services have received notification that their existing one year funding agreements have been extended by three years to 30 June 2022.

This is an excellent outcome, and one that the ATDC has been actively advocating for over the past six months. The cessation of the existing one-year funding agreements was a key recommendation in the ATDC’s submission to the Tasmanian Government’s Reform Agenda for Alcohol and Drug Services, which called for stability and certainty through three-year funding agreements as the most critical step in this reform process.

ATDC CEO Alison Lai has written to the Health Minister, Michael Ferguson and the relevant Tasmanian Government departments to thank them for this important show of support to the Tasmanian alcohol, tobacco and other drugs sector.

If any ATDC members have questions about funding agreements, the ATDC can assist.

For those ATDC members receiving funding through the Federal Government, the NIAS funding has been extended for another year and the ATDC is anticipating an announcement in Federal Parliament regarding funding extensions for those organisations receiving treatment or sector development funding through the grant programs formerly called the Substance Misuse Service Delivery Grants Fund and the Non-Government Organisation Treatment Grants programs.