Understanding AOD Withdrawal

This presentation addressed matters relating to withdrawal for a range of substances in both clinical and community settings, including:

  • Developing a better understanding of
    • Models of withdrawal management
    • Screening & Assessment
    • Signs, symptoms & complications of withdrawal
    • Specialist management of different presentations
  • Building capacity in frontline services to provide client support
    • Screening and referral
    • Clients presenting in withdrawal
    • Managing/supporting people on waiting lists for inpatient services.

About the presenters: 

Dr Noel Plumley is an addiction medicine specialist at the Alcohol and Drug Service.  Noel has more than 20 years’ experience in the area of addiction medicine following a late graduation after previous career pathways.  One of Noel’s early initiatives was the establishment of the “Street Doctor” mobile medical service for homeless people in Perth.

Click here for the powerpoint slides from Noel’s presentation and click here for the audio recording.

Nikolaas Jacometti is a nurse in the Salvation Army’s Bridge Program. Nik works with clients choosing home based withdrawal.

Click here for the powerpoint slides Nik’s Presentation and click herefor the audio recording.


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