Tasmanian ATOD Awards 2016

Congratulations to Consumer Reference Group – Advocacy Tasmania and Dr Anna Dimsey from Hobart Clinic for winning this year’s Tasmanian 2016 ATOD Awards. More about them coming soon. Nomination guide here.

2016-01-13_WFD_RESOURCE_ATOD Awards Book Cover

ATDC Annual Report 2014 – 2015

ATDC’s Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 28 October 2015 in Hobart. Read the annual report here.



ATDC 2016 Conference Galleries

Galleries of the ATDC 2016 Conference are available on Facebook – Delegates and Presenters. Visit the ATDC 2016 Conference website for further information.

Rethinking Prevention

Workforce Survey 2014

The ATDC 2014 Workforce Survey provides a clear picture of the individuals and organisations that comprise Tasmania’s ATOD community sector.  Get your copy here.

Budget Priorities Statement 2015-2016

The ATDC Budget Priorities Statement for 2015-16 highlights a number of key priority areas requiring Government activity and/or investment.  Read the full statement here.

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