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Tasmanian Alcohol, Tobacco and other Drugs Communications Charter

All aspects of communication, including images, have the power to reduce stigma for people who use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and their families, and encourage people to seek help when they need it.

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Image Guidelines

A practical guide to choosing imagery which minimises stigma against people who use alcohol and other drugs.

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Vaping and e-cigarettes

During the development of this paper there were strong conflicting views. These views were often dependent on whether the respondents worked directly with clients, whether they provided health promotion/education to schools or to the community, or whether they held concerns about vaping/e-cigarettes from a public health or regulation perspective.

This paper holds space for all of these views. However, in doing so, the ATDC maintains the firm position that anyone who chooses to use vapes/e-cigarette products, with or without acknowledging the evidence of their harms, should not be criticised or discriminated for doing so.

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The ATDC advocates a change toward the way that personal drug use and possession is handled in Tasmania.


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