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Consumer Voices and Better Data: Foundations for our Future

Our vision for Tasmania:

By 2023 people with lived experience have a meaningful contribution to make in the alcohol, tobacco and other drugs sector. For the first time families and friends are asked about their experiences in having someone close be affected by drug use. Lived experience now helps drive change and innovation and most importantly, people are supported to get the help they need.

By 2023 the alcohol, tobacco and other drugs sector is supported by data-driven decision making. We are starting to use the information collected at each client encounter to paint a picture of the impact of our services, as well as to identify need and opportunities to help more people.

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Pill Testing Saves Lives

The ATDC supports pill testing based on the evidence of its effectiveness as a harm reduction strategy

The ATDC calls for the convening of an advisory committee of relevant stakeholders and experts to investigate options for trialing pill testing at Tasmania’s music festivals and events


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Tobacco 21

Tasmania has the most concerning statistics for tobacco usage in the country and the ATDC supports any initiatives that seek to reduce these statistics

The ATDC supports the introduction of the Public Health Amendment (Prevention of sale of smoking products to underage persons) Bill 2018

In providing this support, the ATDC acknowledges that this change will not be the sole remedy for Tasmania’s above-average smoking rates and any initiative must be implemented alongside a suite of evidence-based measures and initiatives, particularly targeting Tasmanians most at risk

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